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cash AskCashAdviser provides information on cash investment options available to advisers, companies and individuals. It is designed and run by Askis Limited, who aim to help you make your cash investments work harder for you. Our financial services professionals are experienced in designing and running cash based investment products. This means that we bring you the peace of mind that your cash investments are being safely looked after for you. Please contact us for more information.

Market Commentary

Read the commentary page for our latest comments on the market, economy and interest rates.


Our factsheets are short articles providing factual information about topics related to cash investment. Some factsheets are written for advisers, some for companies, some for individuals and some are relevant to all audiences.


Our glossary is a dictionary of financial terms that you can use to look up the meaning of specific words.


This website provides information only and cannot provide individual advice. If you are unsure about what products would be most suitable to meet your current needs you should speak to an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA), who may be able to help you decide but may charge for any advice given.

The links page includes contact details for several IFA associations.

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